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Gateway to the Delta

Since it was created in 1823, Yazoo County, the state's largest in area, has played a major role in Mississippi history, politics, art and culture. Many renowned figures in many fields hail from Yazoo, including the late and nationally beloved Willie Morris, Jerry Clower and Sister Thea Bowman (SD). Others include actresses Lynn Hamilton and Stella Stevens, professional athlete Willie Brown, black entrepreneur T.J. Huddleston and a bevy of old-school blues musicians, to name a few. Yazoo City, the county seat, scenically perched atop bluffs overlooking the Mississippi Delta, is a gateway to that legendary region.

Yazoo County also has an active Democratic party and is the hometown of Democratic Politicians Mike Espy and Henry Espy. Former GOP Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour also is from Yazoo.


Joe Thomas, Jr. , Chair

  • joethomas75@gmail.com
  • 662-271-1603
  • Committee meetings are on the fourth Saturday of each month at 10 aa.m. at the Yazoo Community Complex.

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