Mississippi Democratic Party
The Party of Progress

Elected Leaders

Democratic Senators

Come on in

The Grass Roots

This is where it all begins and all else follows. They are the engine of the party. Our ranks are open to everyone. Learn about your local Democratic party, how you can help and how you can join.

Young Dems in action

As goes our youth, so goes our future. The Mississippi Democratic party is committed to identifying, encouraging and supporting youth involvement at all levels. Join them in their most important work.

Our County Leadership

Mississippi Democrats have a long, strong tradition of dedicated local leadership. Committed, diverse and with roots deep in their communities, county committees form the backbone of our party.

Women at work

We all know that women do all the real work and that's especially true in the Democratic Party. They are essential to maintaining and advancing women's rights as well as those of every one.

Our state leadership

Women and men elected starting at the grass roots level to be our out-front torch bearers. Composed of working people, retirees and professionals, our leadership reflects the diversity of our party.

The Yellow Dogs

Life-long,  committed, Democrats who stick with us even if the levees break. They fill the sand bags and tote them to the crevasse. They and other affiliate groups help us keep the furrows straight.