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Mississippi's representatives to the Democratic National Committee play strategic roles for both the state and the nation. Not only are the voice of Mississippi on the national level but they also help insure our state gets the resources needed to make Mississippi Democrats more effective. They also play key roles in guiding national party actions, policy and procedures.

Wil Colom, Lowndes County


Wilbur O. Colom is an Columbus attorney and businessman who has used much of his resources in the support of philanthropic works. He is the founding, senior partner of the Colom Law Firm, with offices in Columbus and Jackson, Mississippi and in Atlanta, Georgia.

Currently, Mr. Colom is a member of the Executive Board of the American Association for Justice and serves on the regional board of North Mississippi Boys and Girls Clubs and the board of the Greater Columbus Learning Center. He was most recently awarded the post of Orrin Hatch Distinguished Attorney by Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, and now serves on the Board of Directors for this program. He has received awards and citations for his volunteer and philanthropic endeavors from: the American Association for Justice, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the Magnolia Bar Association, the Mississippi Black Legislative Caucus, Jackson State University and Oakwood College, among many others.

The National Center for Black Philanthropy, Inc, in 2006 named Mr. Colom its Business Philanthropist of the year and, in 2007, with the novelist John Grisham, Mr. Colom was a principal founding benefactor of the University of Mississippi's Innocence Project.

Vicki Slater, Madison County


Vicki R. Slater of Madison has a long connection with the Mississippi Democratic Party.

Ms. Slater has been active on the county and state party levels, including currently being a member of the Mississippi Democratic Executive Committee from the Third Congressional District. In 2015 she was a Democratic Candidate for Governor of Mississippi but was defeated in the primary in a three-way race for the nomination.

Mrs. Slater is  a practicing attorney who received both her bachelor and juris doctor degrees from Tulane University. She has served as a past President of the Mississippi Association of Justice.

Both these Mississippians represent us on the Democratic National Committee where their leadership plays a key role in supporting, maintaining and advancing local interests on this strategic level.