Mississippi Democratic Party
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Our Leaders Reflect the People

It All Starts with The People

The road to party leadership at first glance seems long, complex and circuitous. A closer look reveals such is really not the case. Though often gleefully boisterous, it starts at the most basic level, the precinct, with each stage designed to maintain the connections to our essential base — the people while leading to the highest levels of party structure and national office.

Here is who we have elected for the current term and how they got there:

County Leaders | CD Leaders | State Leaders | National Leaders

The process

Precinct Caucuses

The statewide leadership of the Mississippi Democratic Party is elected once every four years, starting with precinct caucuses in February of each presidential election year. These caucuses are well publicized and open to all who are good faith supporters of our overarching theme: a government run by the people, the main goal of which is liberty, prosperity, equality, respect and personal freedom. It is at the caucus level where the process to elect our officers and to draft our platform begins. The precinct caucuses elect delegates to the County Convention, which is held the following month.

The County Convention

The County Convention is charged with three basic tasks:

  • Electing delegates to the Congressional District and State Conventions;
  • Electing the County Democratic Executive Committee which leads our local efforts;
  • Debating the platform issues brought before them from the precincts and approving a consensus platform;

The Congressional District Conventions

These conventions are held in June at a site in each congressional district. County delegates meet to elect most of the members of the Mississippi Democratic Executive Committee, Congressional District Party Leadership and debate platform items brought to it by the county committees and subsequently approve suggestions to present to the state convention.

The State Convention

In July of a presidential election year, the county delegates from throughout Mississippi gather for the state convention where the following actions are taken:

  • Selection of delegates to the National Convention
  • Selection of two Mississippi representatives to the National Democratic Committee
  • Approval of the state Party's Platform
  • Selection of at-large members of the State Executive Committee