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What Is Your Blood Price?

Transcript of a speech by U.S. Rep John Lewis win the Capitol steps on Oct. 4, 2017

This congress has failed the American people.

After New Town and Aurora, after Charleston and Orlando, now Las Vegas, how many more must die? A hundred? A thousand? Ten thousand? A million? What is your blood price? How many more must die? How many mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, sons and dad daughters, husband and wives? Tell me what. Tell me and tell us.

What is the number? How many more dead bodies will it take to wake up this Congress?

But there’s no number, is there? There’s no amount of blood or pain or death or suffering? What will move this Congress to act?

We hold moments of silence and vigils. We offer our thought and prayers. But it is all a show, a placeholder, until people forget and this Congress can move on rolling back restrictions on silencers or making it easier for mentally ill to purchase weapons.

Don’t tell me otherwise. I’ve been around too long. I lost colleagues in Mississippi and Alabama to gun violence. We lost Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to a man with a rifle. We lost Senator Robert Kennedy to a man with a handgun. I’ve seen too many gun deaths and I am here to say right now — this must stop and it must stop now!

We were elected to lead. We were elected to be headlight and not a tail light. I have said to all of you,  to all of my colleagues on the other side — we must have raw courage to make a down payment on any gun violence in America. We can no longer wait. We can no longer be patient. If there was a fire we would bring water. If this was a virus we would send medicine. if this was storm we would give shelter. But this is about guns and so once more this Congress does nothing

Don’t tell me , don’t tell me we need mental health reform when you won’t provide every American access to mental health care. Don’t tell me it’s about protecting the Second Amendment when you won’t stand up for the First Amendment. Don’t tell me this is about anything other than greed, greed money and fear.

I say to each one of us, to all of the members of the Congress — have courage; be unafraid; do your job. Bring common sense gun control legislation to a vote.

Transcription by David Rushing from the following source: https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4684788/rep-john-lewis-gun-control&start=0

Posted Oct. 13, 2017

New web design offers enhancements

David Rushing, Web Editor


Aug. 1 marks the launch of the newly designed Mississippi Democratic Party Website with an eye towards reaching out to a broader audience, providing more timely notices of Democratic events, news and messages, better access to information at every level and more of it. Most importantly we hope this helps towards improved intra-party communications.

As presented, this site is fully functional but its nature is far from complete. Additional pages, links and information levels will be added as they are identified and formatted. We especially look forward to adding pages supporting Democratic candidates in the future.

Here are just a few of the features of the site:

  • Y'all Come, a news/events calendar with links to details of each submission open to all activities of the Mississippi Democratic Party and its affiliates. Details on how to submit news or events can be found on those pages.

  • Links to county, congressional district, state and national party leadership, as well as affiliated organizations. See them on the home page under the Learn More heading at right.

  • Links to social media sites officially affiliated with the Mississippi Democratic Party.

  • Links to major groups affiliated with the Mississippi Democratic Party, such as the Mississippi Young Democrats, the Mississippi Federation of Democratic Women, the Yellow Dogs and the Democratic National Committee. Plans are to add more such links as they are identified and formatted.

  • Access to information and contact with Mississippi's elected Democratic leaders. Currently it includes only the statewide, state district and legislative levels. However, we have future plans to add county and municipal Democratic elected leader links. Because of the volunteer nature of our project, this will be a lengthy process. How long it will take depends on the response we get from each county's executive committee to provide us with detailed information about its elected leadership after we contact them.

  • A county page for each local executive committee which will include basic information about the county, how to contact its committee and county Democratic elected leaders and a list of committee members. Future plans include links to similar information on the municipal level. County pages will be added on an alphabetical basis rotating by congressional district. This will allow for the first time a formal on-line presence for many of our counties which heretofore lacked the resources to mount such an effort. First priority will be those counties with an existing web presence. For an idea about how the pages will be structured, visit the Adams County or Sunflower County pages.

  • Opinion columns from our chair and a guest updated weekly. Guest columnists will be invited in advance upon recommendation by a small committee of party officials and staff.

  • Easily accessible links to our staff, donation and volunteer pages. Donation pages will include options for both online donations and offline donations.

  • Links to important basic documents such at the Mississippi Democratic Party Platform and the Constitution of the Mississippi Democratic Party. More documents will be added on an ongoing basis.

I know two questions will surely arise among many after reviewing this site: Where are the photos? Where are the bells and whistles?

In answer to the first, because this is an information-oriented site, photos and other art will be added on an as needed basis in a professional manner that does justice to its overall design. Later, photo gallery pages will be added for major events, subject to the storage limit of our web service provider. When we develop and design the first such gallery, details on how to submit pictures and the photo requirements will be posted.

As to the second question, I  refer to the preceding paragraph. Except in the area of information, this website is from the less-is-more school of design. Some bells and whistles may come later, but only those that enhance information delivery and do not detract from our overall message or site download time and stability.

With these caveats in mind, I solicit input from fellow Democrats. So please let me know your suggestions here or to report any errors or broken links (be sure to include WEBSITE in the subject line). 

This long and totally volunteer effort has been very rewarding and I look forward to continuing in this role. I wish to thank Chairman Bobby Moak, Treasurer Ryan Brown and Field Director Jacquie Amos for their encouragement, support and input, but especially for their patience as I developed this site on an as-time-was-available basis between grandchildren, recent election cycles and other party activities. Most thanks go to my bride, Margaret, for encouraging me, standing beside me and joining me as a life-long open, proud and committed Democrat.

Posted Aug. 1, 2017