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Mike issues thanks for help in historic effort

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Mike Espy calls for a new beginning

Concession speech hails broad support for a new Mississippi

(The following is a verbatim transcript by David Rushing of the YouTube Video of Mike Espy’s Concession Speech)

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Well, there are a number of precincts outstanding and the polls are going to close. They’re going to close a lot more — they’re going to close a lot more we know that. We have called around the polls still outstanding and it’s very clear to me and my campaign that there just aren’t enough votes outstanding to make up a difference.

I want to come out here tonight and talk about — well, it’s still a historical achievement.

Let me first say that a minute ago I did call Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith — (a scattering of boos with Mike interjection with No! No!) — and I congratulated her on her victory tonight and she has my prayers as she goes to Washington to unite a very divided Mississippi and she has my prayers and willingness to help her to do that.

So while this was not the result that we were hoping for, I am very proud of this historic campaign and I am so very grateful of all the support we received across Mississippi. In the churches, in the union halls, in the corporate boardrooms, in the classrooms — just talking to you and shaking your hands and looking you in the eye and you giving me a thumbs up. I really, really appreciate it.

Do you know that we built the largest grassroots organization that Mississippi has ever seen in a generation? And we did that through a coalition of voters, white and black, who shared our belief that Mississippi’s future will be better than Mississippi’s past. So make no mistake. Tonight is the beginning — tonight is not the end.

For those of you out here who I met in these universities,  who looked in our campaign and looked under the hood and maybe decided one day you want to run for office — go for it! Go for it! We want this campaign to be your legacy because when this many people show up, when this many people stand up,  when this many people speak up, it is not a loss, it is a movement.

So we are not going to stop moving our state forward and I am going to leave it to you and to those who come behind to look forward to look for a new way to do that to move our state forward.

So I want to thank my family on stage here for standing with me, for putting up with me. You know , this was an eight-month campaign. Now we didn’t have two years or six years. We had eight months to do this. I want to thank my wife Portia — she did a lot

I want to thank my campaign staff — the best campaign staff in Mississippi. They built and organization that’s the envy of Mississippi. And I want to thank ALL the volunteers, those who manned the phones, those who knocked on doors, because you believed. And all the young people that got involved and were energized ny this campaign. I wanna just tell you — continue to believe!

So we’ll leave the stage now. But this is a movement and this movement is not going to end! For a new Mississippi, a more united Mississippi and a Mississippi where everyone, regardless of race, of party or religion feels their worth, thank you so much!


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