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National Dems Give Agenda Update

By Bobby Moak, Chairman, Mississippi Democratic Party

Bobby Moak

On Dec. 6, Chairman Moak shared with party members an update and status report from the National Committee.

Among the items was this update on the party’s national agenda.

  • Voters overwhelmingly rejected the Republican agenda that did nothing for them and failed to deliver for middle-class families.

  • After taking back the House, Democrats are already getting to work for the people.

  • Democrats unveiled HR 1 to restore our democracy by reducing the roll of money in politics, restoring faith in our government, and making it easier, not harder, for people to vote.

  • Democrats will work in a bipartisan way to deliver results.

  • We will fight for opportunity for everyone.

  • We will fight to protect you from getting your health care taken away because you have a pre-existing condition, and will fight to lower the cost of prescription drugs.

  • We are going to fight for an infrastructure bill that will actually put people to work.

  • We will hold Trump accountable.