Mississippi Democratic Party
The Party of Progress

Mississippi Democratic Party Constitution

Article XIV

Affirmative Action

1.  In order to implement the affirmative action goals of this Party, the Chairperson of the State Executive Committee shall appoint and Affirmative Action Committee whose terms shall run until the election of a new State Executive Committee or their successors are chosen, whichever is later.

2.  The duties of the Affirmative Action Committee shall include, but not be limited to, the development of an Affirmative Action Plan subject to ratification and approval of the State Executive Committee and National Party; the implementation of the specific requirements of the plan; publicizing and disseminating timely information about the plan and the delegate selection process; conducting investigations and hearings into alleged violations of the plan at any level of Party affairs or activities; and monitoring the affirmative action efforts of the Party at all levels.

3.  The Affirmative Action Committee provided for by Article XIV hereof shall not be appointed until after the organization in 1980 of the State Democratic Executive Committee, which shall succeed the existing State Democratic Executive Committee; and until that time the existing thirty member Affirmative Action Committee shall serve as such committee.