Mississippi Democratic Party
The Party of Progress

Mississippi Democratic Party Constitution

Article XIII

Certification of Candidates

1.  The Executive Committee, or any specially designates subcommittee thereof, shall be empowered to certify candidates for primary elections, to certify primary election returns, and to hear and decide election disputes.

2.  No candidate shall be certified to run in a Democratic Primary for any office:

(a) Who has not met the statutory qualifications to run for such office;

(b) who is not in accord with the principles and rules of the Democratic Party of Mississippi as set forth in the Constitution and bylaws and the standards or principles of the Party; and

(c) Who will not pledge to support the candidacy of all Party nominees at all levels running in the same general election for which nomination is being sought.

3.  No candidate, while holding elective office as a Democrat or as a Democratic Party official, shall be certified to run in a Democratic Primary for any office;

(a) who has participated in a primary of any other political party within the last twelve months by either voting or running for office in such primary; or

(b) Who has within the preceding four years publicly or financially supported the election to office of any person not running as a Democrat.

4.  This amendment shall become effective November 9, 1983.