Mississippi Democratic Party
The Party of Progress

Mississippi Democratic Constitution

Article XII


1.  Delegates to the Democratic National Convention from Mississippi shall be elected in accordance with the applicable delegate selection process and rules of the National Democratic Party.

2.  Seventy-five percent of the National Convention delegates and alternates shall be elected by delegates at the Congressional District conventions, each District acting separately.  The remaining twenty-five percent shall be elected at large by the delegates at the State Party Convention in a manner and method to be designated by the State Executive Committee to help ensure balance between men, women, youth and minorities.

3.  Delegate selection at any unit level will be in accordance with the rules of the National Democratic Party with regards to race and sex.

4.  The unit rule shall not be used at any stage of the delegate selection process within any Party unit or delegation.

5.  No person participating in any unit or Party affairs shall be required to cast a vote or be recorded as voting contrary to the person’s expressed preference or best judgment.

6.  At least ninety days before the convening of precinct caucuses, the State Executive Committee shall adopt and make readily accessible rules and procedures covering all aspects of the delegate selection process including, but not limited to, the apportionment of delegates and votes within the State, the allocation of fractional votes, and nomination of delegates and alternates, the succession of alternates to delegate status and the filling of vacancies in delegate positions, the selection and responsibilitiesof convention committees, credentials challenges, and minority reports.  The Affirmative Action Committee shall be empowered to draft and propose to the Executive Committee for ratification by the Executive Committee a delegate selection plan in affirmative action goals of this Party.

7.  The slate of delegates to the National Party Convention shall choose a chairperson and vice-chairperson of said delegation, who shall perform all the duties customarily required of said officials under the usual rules of parliamentary procedure.

8.  Nothing in this Constitution shall be construed as calling for or prohibiting the State Executive Committee at its option under State Law from electing to conduct a Presidential Primary and formulating rules and regulations for conducting such a primary.