Mississippi Democratic Party
The Party of Progress

Mississippi Democratic Party Constitution

Article XI

Municipal Executive Committees

1.  Any Chairperson of a County Executive Committee desiring to select a Municipal Executive Committee for a municipality within a county which does not already have a municipal committee shall upon petition of five or more members of the Democratic Party residing in the municipality call a meeting of the Democratic electors residing in said municipality, and at such meeting the members present shall select an executive committee which shall serve until the next municipal primary election.  Each Municipal Executive Committee shall have as many members as there are elective officers of the municipality.

2.  The Municipal Executive Committee shall perform the same executive committee function as are specified by law and this Constitution for other Party units.  Each Municipal Executive Committee shall be elected in the primary elections held for the nomination of candidates for municipal office and shall be elected by the same election districts by which the elective officers of the municipality are elected.  The names of all persons desiring to be a candidate for the nomination in the primary elections shall be furnished to the Municipal Executive Committee at least thirty days prior to the first primary election.  The officers shall revise and prepare the poll books and ballots, and the managers and other officials of the primary election committee shall be appointed by the Municipal Executive Committee and the returns of said election shall be made to such Municipal Executive Committee.  Vacancies on the executive committee shall be filled by the Municipal Committee.