Mississippi Democratic Party
The Party of Progress

Mississippi Democratic Party Constitution

Article X

County Executive Committees

1.  The County Executive Committee shall consist of thirty Party members, six to be selected from each supervisor’s district by the county convention delegates from each said supervisor’s district acting separately.  Within one year of its election, the County Executive Committee, in its discretion, may vote to expand the Committee by the election of six members to be elected from the county at large.  The County Executive Committee shall be the governing body of the county Party unit between conventions.

2.  County Executive Committees should meet at least twice each year and on such other occasions as may be necessary.

3.  County Executive Committees shall certify Party candidates on the county level, shall conduct Party primaries, and shall canvass and certify election returns in accord with the election laws of the State of Mississippi.

4.  Within ninety days after the adoption of this Constitution, County Executive Committees shall meet and adopt rules not in conflict with this Constitution.  In the absence of the adoption of such rules, the rules adopted in this Constitution shall prevail.  A copy of the rules and any revisions adopted by any County Executive Committee must be filed with the Secretary of the State Executive Committee and certified by the State Administrative Committee and approved by the State Executive Committee itself before becoming valid.  The Secretary of the State Executive Committee shall maintain and make available for public inspection copies of the rules of each County Executive Committee on file in the State Party office.

5.  Vacancies on a County Executive Committee may be declared for any of the reasons and in accordance with the provisions set forth in Article IV of this constitution.