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Senate Democratic Primary Field

State Senate Democratic Candidates

Listed below are the names of those who have filed their Applications of Qualification for Candidacy for the Mississippi Senate in the Aug. 6, 2019 Democratic Primary.

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Senate District 2 (map)

  • Lee A. Jackson, Horn Lake

Senate District 3 (map)

  • Tim Tucker, New Albany

Senate District 5 (map)

  • Steve Eaton, Booneville

Senate District 7 (map)

  • Hob Bryan, Amory

Senate District 8 (map)

  • Kegan Coleman, Calhoun City (website)

  • Mark Hancock, Houston

  • Kathryn York, Water Valley

Senate District 9 (map)

Senate District 10 (map)

  • Alicia Blanks, Coldwater

  • André R. De’Berry, Holly Springs

  • Michael Cathey, Senatobia

  • Carlton E. Smith, Holly Springs

Senate District 11 (map)

  • Robert L. Jackson, Lambert

  • Kimberlyn Seals, Clarksdale

Senate District 12 (map)

  • Derrick T. Simmons, Greenville

Senate District 13 (map)

  • Tony G. Anderson, Cleveland

  • Carl Brinkley, Cleveland

  • Mark S. Buckner Sr., Indianola

  • Charles Modley, Indianola

  • Sarita M. Simmons, Cleveland

Senate District 16 (map)

  • Angela Turner Ford, West Point

Senate District 17 (map)

  • DeWanna Belton, Columbus

Senate District 19 (map)

  • Dianne Black, Olive Branch

Senate District 21 (map)

  • Barbara Blackmon, Canton

Senate District 22 (map)

  • Vince Big V Roberts, Leland

  • Earle Scales, Madison

  • Ruffin Smith, Louise

  • Joseph C. Thomas, Yazoo City

  • Colton Thornton, Canton

Senate District 24 (map)

  • David Jordan, Greenwood

Senate District 26 (map)

  • John Horhn, Jackson

  • Marcus Williams, Jackson

Senate District 27 (map)

  • Hillman Terome Frazier, Jackson

  • Marvin Hightower, Clinton

Senate District 28 (map)

  • Sollie B. Norwood, Jackson

Senate District 29 (map)

Senate District 31 (map)

  • Mike Marlow, Forest

Senate District 32 (map)

  • Sampson Jackson II

Senate District 34 (map)

  • Juan Barnett

  • Deborah Denard Delgado

Senate District 36 (map)

  • Albert Butler

  • Tyler Doss

Senate District 37 (map)

  • William E. Godfrey, Natchez

Senate District 38 (map)

  • Kelvin E. Butlter

  • Tammy Witherspoon, Magnolia

Senate District 40 (map)

  • Thomas Lehr, Carriere

Senate District 48 (map)

  • Deborah Jeanne Dawkins, Pass Christian

  • Gary Fredricks

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