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Democratic Primary House List

State House Democratic Candidates

Listed below are the names of those who have filed their Applications of Qualification for Candidacy for the Mississippi House of Representatives in the Aug. 6, 2019 Democratic Primary.

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House District 3 (map)

  • Janice Triplett Patterson

  • Jimmy Wayne Russell

House District 5 (map)

  • John Faulkner, Holly Springs

  • Carl Robinson, Lamar

  • Jacquelyn Simon, Holly Springs

House District 7 (map)

  • Zelda Hill, Southaven

  • Theresa Gillespie Isom, Olive Branch

House District 9 (map)

  • Cedrick Bam Bam Burnett, Tunica

  • Christopher Thomas, Water Valley

  • Marilyn Young, Tunica

House District 10 (map)

  • Amanda Campbell, Pope

  • Bobby E. Dailey, Oxford

  • Nolan Webb, Water Valley

House District 11 (map)

  • Lataisha Jackson

House District 12 (map)

  • Tiffany Kilpatrick

House District 13 (map)

  • Pamela Denham, Myrtle

House District 15 (map)

  • Pat Montgomery, Pontotoc

House District 16 (map)

  • Rickey W. Thompson, Shannon

House District 17 (map)

  • Cathy Grace, Tupelo

House District 22 (map)

  • Jonathan Ray Lancaster, Houston

House District 25 (map)

  • Harold Harris, Walls

House District 26 (map)

  • Orlando W. Paden, Clarksdale

House District 27 (map)

  • Kenneth Walker, Carthage

House District 28 (map)

  • Matt Williams, Hernando

House District 29 (map)

  • Abe Marshall Hudson, Jr., Shelby

  • Anthony Pierré Jackson, Mound Bayou

House District 30 (map)

  • Robert L. Huddleston, Sumner

  • Tracey T. Rosebud, Tutwiler

House District 31 (map)

  • Otis L. Anthony, Indianola

  • Jeanette Knighten-Washington, Moorhead

House District 32 (map)

  • Tavarris Cross, Greenwood

  • Solomon Curtis Osborne, Greenwood

House District 33 (map)

  • Thomas U. “Tommy” Reynolds, Water Valley

House District 34 (map)

  • Kevin Horan

House District 36 (map)

  • Jimmy L. Davidson, West Point

  • Karl Gibbs, West Point

House District 38 (map)

  • Cheikh Taylor, Starkville

  • Lisa Wynn, Starkville

House District 40 (map)

  • Hester Jackson McCray, Horn Lake

House Distict 41 (map)

  • Kabir Karriem, Columbus

House District 42 (map)

  • Dirk T. Dickson, Brooksville

  • Carl L. Mickens, Brooksville

House District 45 (map)

  • Michael Ted Evans, Preston

House District 47 (map)

  • Bryant Clark, Lexington

House District 49 (map)

  • Willie L. Bailey, Greenville

House District 50 (map)

  • John W. Hines Sr., Greenville

  • Earth L. Robinson, Greenville

House District 51 (map)

  • Rufus E. Straughter, Belzoni

House District 53 (map)

  • Rita Wilkinson Goss, Bogue Chitto

House District 55 (map)

  • Oscar Denton, Vicksburg

House District 56 (map)

  • Vicki Slater, Madison

House District 57 (map)

  • Edward Blackmon Jr., Canton

House District 63 (map)

  • Deborah Butler Dixon

  • Stephanie Foster, Jackson

  • Machelle Kyles, Bolton

House District 64 (map)

  • Shanda M. Yates, Jackson

House District 65 (map)

  • Chris Bell, Jackson

House District 66 (map)

  • Jarvis Dortch, Raymond

House District 67 (map)

  • Earle S. Banks, Jackson

House District 68 (map)

  • Jordon Hillhouse, Byram

  • Lonnie Holmes, Jackson

  • Natarsha Lindsey, Jackson

  • Zakiya Summers, Jackson

  • Cassandra Welchlin, Jackson

House District 69 (map)

  • Alyce Griffin Clarke, Jackson

House District 70 (map)

  • William (Bo) R. Brown

  • Tammy Cotton, Jackson

  • Kathy Sykes, Jackson

House District 71 (map)

  • Edelia J. Carthan, Byram

  • Ronnie Crudup Jr., Jackson

  • Shabaka Keshun Harrison, Jackson

  • Stephanie Skipper, Byram

House District 72 (map)

  • Debra Gibbs, Jackson

  • Gale Massey

  • Felicia Tripp, Jackson

House District 74 (map)

  • Jason McCarty, Brandon

House District 75 (map)

  • Tom Miles, Forest

House District 76 (map)

  • Gregory L. Holloway Sr., Hazlehurst

House District 78 (map)

  • Joe C. Bradford, Forest

House District 80 (map)

  • Omeria Scott, Laurel

House District 82 (map)

  • Charles L. Young, Jr., Meridian

House District 85 (map)

  • Jeffery Harness, Fayette

House District 90 (map)

  • L.R. Easterling

House District 91 (map)

  • Bob Evans, Monticello

House District 94 (map)

  • Robert L. Johnson III, Natchez

House District 96 (map)

  • Aisha A. Sanders, Natchez 

House District 97 (map)

  • Ben Thompson, Summit

House District 98 (map)

  • Tasha Dillon, McComb

  • Daryl L. Porter, Summitt

House District 102 (map)

House District 103 (map)

  • Edward Hargrove Jr., Hattiesburg

  • Percy W. Watson, Hattiesburg

House District 105 (map)

  • Matthew Daves, Richton

House District 110 (map)

  • Jeramey Anderson, Escatawpa

House District 115 (map)

  • Felix O. Gines, Biloxi

House District 117 (map)

  • Inez Kelleher, M.D. Biloxi

House District 119 (map)

  • Sonya Barnes, Gulfport

  • Jeffrey Hulum III, Gulfport

House District 122 (map)

  • Wendy McDonald, Bay St. Louis

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